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bestbeforedeath's Journal

Best Before Death
1 July
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Best Before Death - A Sci-Fi Webnovel


He was pretty sure how he looked to the captain; a grubby twenty-something with very little in the way of personal hygiene and even less in the way of fashion. The hygiene he couldn’t help. Water was expensive on the Ardell York and he didn’t exactly have money to burn. The fashion… well, when you were reduced to stealing clothing off laundry lines, you wore what you thought nobody would miss. He could do nothing about the Captain’s other impressions – that he was too scrawny, that he’d never done a day’s honest work in his life, that he was too damn tall to be thinking about throwing in with any ship below a luxury Titan class, where the hatch clearance was closer to six and a half feet than five and the same – but at least he’d combed his hair before the interview.

Though ‘interview’ was a fast and loose description when you were angling for a berth on a slave ship.


This is the official Livejournal account for Best Before Death, the thrice-weekly updated webnovel co-authored by Alex (reignsdown) and Roy (royali).

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