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Yes, MORE NaNo!

Eight days remaining on NaNoWriMo this year! How is everyone doing?

Your intrepid authors are back on track and ready to take down the joint 100k by the end of the month. We are pumped to get this baby done (and eaten, if Leargrace's moral standing has a say in it) and are considering sharing it as a one-time webnovel in 2011. That or seeing if any publisher really would touch that with a ten foot pole...?

Let's hear how everyone is doing! Post your progress widgets here, even give us an excerpt, and join us in searching for that relative sanity that we just can't seem to find.

Alex & Roy, NaNo 2010:


Best Before Death

2010 Holiday Blitz!

Hard to believe that arc 01 is said and done! Dillon managed to escape unscathed - well, from Cyrus at least. We'll just not mention anything about doors or the fact that he owes Mercedes more money than a small colony makes in a year.

Celebrating this fact, and the fact that we've entered the (Western) stretch of holiday seasons, Best Before Death is having a 2010 Holiday Blitz!

Over the next three weeks, the updates will continue as scheduled, but will feature short character pieces that align with the holiday spirit - in three themes. Hallowe'en will be first, then Thanksgiving, and ending with Christmas! Time to see how the holidays are handled in 2612!

(Hint: It generally involves Mercedes making a profit.)

Got some favourite characters that you would like to see in a holiday special? Leave a comment here and you might get a seasonal surprise!

Arc 02 will be launching in early December, by Alex's best projection. Until then, happy holidays - Best Before Death style!

Best Before Death

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So, with NaNoWriMo well underway (or underfoot, I suppose, depending on your method of execution), it's time to ask the dreaded question - how fares your word count? Good? Bad? Ugly? (and can you tell, Roy's project is a bonafide western?)


For those of you in possession of an iPhone, or an iTouch, or any other denomination of i-Thing that allows you to play apps, I bring to you,


It is an adorable game with, well, crabs, and is quite the enjoyable little endeavor. Its design was also helped along by our very own Kura, and otherwise made by her Dad. :) This is an official Best Before Death Pimp-Out! And for the record? Mercedes would charge far more than the price it's going for. Get it while it's hot, ladies and gentlemen!

Best Before Death

(no subject)

Hello ladies. Look at your webpage. Now back to me. Now back to your page. Sadly, it isn't me, but if you participated in National Novel Writing Month, you could probably pretend it was me riding a shark.


Hello, internets. ♥ This is Roy! Roy who is elusive, Roy who never updates, Roy who should this very second be working on the latest arc of Best Before Death and Roy who apparently very much enjoys writing about herself in the third person. But this is none of those things! Instead, this is Roy here to talk to you about STUFF.

Stuff such as NaNoWriMo!

Now, we've pimped out certain writing related contests before, but NaNo is special because it has two tickets to that thing you love! ROY AND ALEX ARE ACTUALLY PARTICIPATING.

... yeah, okay, it's not as magical as all that, to be fair. But we are using it as an excuse to write an arc in Best Before Death!

If anyone is so inclined, my userID over there is vonnerdyce and I will be tracking the progress that Alex and I make during that fateful month there. If you're participating and you don't mind having a crazy person as a writing buddy, why don't you consider dropping in to say hi?

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Snazzy feature!

Wow, we have been silent lately, haven't we? Blame the Halo Reach for captivating both Alex and Roy with its gameplay and the inspiration to marathon every Halo game released thus far.

On Legendary.

It is appropriately Spartan of us.

(Hey! Got an xBox 360? Ping Alex for some multiplayer, since Roy is the hardcore campaigner in this little venture. A wild Alex can be caught at gamertag ReignsDown.)

But we are doing more than just Halo-ing everything under the sun. This post is to announce a new feature on the website: COMMENTS!

Well. COMMENTS ON THE STORY UPDATES! Check out the recent and the older posts and you will see the snazzy new feature. Got some thoughts on the story? Now you have a space to post it!

We'll be testing this feature over the next little while. Things might change a bit as we tweak everything. Feel free to toss us some feedback about it!

Site updates continue to be forthcoming. Alex went and had the audacity to catch pneumonia - as a result, all computer-related ventures on her part have been on hold while she recovers.

Best Before Death

Got story?

We are back from Provincials with all new, delicious plots to wrangle into story form and share with all of you! The both of us are quite excited to get to work on the new material, no doubt about that.

(Though, right now? Alex is more excited about the prospect of Roy waking up and making pancakes. They have been missed!)

Question! Are any of our readers pool players?

Best Before Death

Adventure time!

SO! Alex and Roy are off to the Surrey-Vancouver area for the long weekend! Why, you ask? Well, secretly we want to get into PAX to play Gears 3 first (lemme lancer you all delicate-like). Truthfully, we are on the league team to compete in the B.C. 8-Ball Provincials, and thus will be playing pool ALL WEEKEND.

In the area? Swing by Bankshots in Surrey and look for the ridiculously pink hat that will be attached to Alex's belt loops!

The story is set for updates until the 21st, with more on the editting block. Everything should update on schedule. We'll respond to any inquiries or comments when we come galloping back into town in my 205-HP sexy baby on Monday.

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