Best Before Death (bestbeforedeath) wrote,
Best Before Death

happy birthday to we~!

Belation Celebration!

On July 1st 2011, Best Before Death turned a year old! That's over 156 separate updates, representing 93,600 words of content. WOW, seriously? We've written that much? That calls for a celebration!

That's right, party time!

To celebrate BBD's birthday (and maybe leave y'all in suspense about Arc 03 for a bit), we're lining up some special content! The next week and a half (or so) of updates will consist of some special how-it's-made posts, an insight into the future that's not Dillon reading an expiry date, and some extra scenes from the characters in the form of character shorts.

Happy birthday, Best Before Death!

We hope you enjoy this break while we gear up to finish Arc 03 and prep up the next storyline that BBD'll be delving into!

Why 'belation'? BBD turned one on the first, but the party started ten days later. What better way to celebrate a belated birthday than by creating a whole new word for it!

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