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Interlude and spoilers

This arc is an exciting one, because we get a chance to see some of Mercedes's heritage in action.

In fact, it's already been seen! Ruthless, powerful, beyond confident; her father is a figure of some import on Dansigna and she's followed in his footsteps by conquering the Protestant the way he has the whole planet. And maybe she does not break kneecaps on a regular basis, but the trade of souls is no more legit. Still? High risks equal high rewards for the Ochoa empire.

Think Papa Parris is proud of his baby girl?


WELL. I'm sure he would be amused and possible intrigued by her power of presence, but Parris already has an heir and Mercedes isn't shopping around for a last name just yet. And we can't let an April Fool's Day go by without at least something!

On the NOT!Fools note: There will be a short interlude in the story. Roy and I are off to gallivant with Aussie friend-and-fan Suke, and in preparation of the shenanigans, we've prepared a treat: A historical look at Mercedes and Dillon! One week of material to celebrate the first time they met!

Which is about the same time he gave up rights to his soul.

SO! Everyone? Party while it's hearty! There will be updates in the interim and the arc 02 storyline will resume in a week.

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