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BBD in the news!

Remember November? We don't! Wait. That was that time where we challenged 100,000 cumulative words in a month, right? Right! Good times, in that bordering-on-the-insane kind of way.

WELL. During the month, Alex was interviewed by The Rocky Mountain Goat about her and Roy challenging NaNoWriMo together. Turns out the issue has been posted online! Check out page twelve for an article about the local NaNoWriMo crew.

Can't let you go without a gem:

And if one doesn’t like the direction the other is taking, “we slay them in their sleep,” Rennick jokes.

Joke? I WENT THROUGH THREE ROYS THAT MONTH! Expensive things to clone, y'know.

And hello to all the visitors getting here through our nefarious advertising on Project Wonderful!

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