Best Before Death (bestbeforedeath) wrote,
Best Before Death

Changes all around!

The update that has been weeks in the making has descended!

(MAN, that makes it sound like we reinvented the wheel when, really, we rotated the tires on our baby, the website.)

To your right, you may notice the cast page has been amended with some new faces (also available on the official art page).

On your left, you will notice the archives page has been overhauled to encompass all of arc 01, the current scenes in arc 02, and the 2010 Holiday Blitz entries. Not only that, but an upcoming feature is noted: Downloadable PDFs of the completed arcs! ETA of a couple weeks, depending on how soon the two of us can stop lancering up grubs and do a final edit of arc 01.

And you saw it first here on this Livejournal! The first character short is now posted for the general public to consume. Get some insights into the White family dynamic!

There are more tweaks, to links and linking us, plus the rather noticeable addition of this:

Click here to vote for Best Before Death at TopWebFiction!

That's right! Best Before Death is officially listed at the Web Fiction Guide and in the voting for being the top web fiction. And, you know, if we hit number one? There could be some surprises around here. Curious? Give us a vote and see!

Meanwhile, arc 02 is humming along at top speed. Both Roy and myself are returning to the "normal" human state after the crazy NaNoWriMo push of 2010.

Hard to believe that BBD had its six-month anniversary on the first, no less. Time flies when you slip into a singularity.

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