Best Before Death (bestbeforedeath) wrote,
Best Before Death

2010 Holiday Blitz!

Hard to believe that arc 01 is said and done! Dillon managed to escape unscathed - well, from Cyrus at least. We'll just not mention anything about doors or the fact that he owes Mercedes more money than a small colony makes in a year.

Celebrating this fact, and the fact that we've entered the (Western) stretch of holiday seasons, Best Before Death is having a 2010 Holiday Blitz!

Over the next three weeks, the updates will continue as scheduled, but will feature short character pieces that align with the holiday spirit - in three themes. Hallowe'en will be first, then Thanksgiving, and ending with Christmas! Time to see how the holidays are handled in 2612!

(Hint: It generally involves Mercedes making a profit.)

Got some favourite characters that you would like to see in a holiday special? Leave a comment here and you might get a seasonal surprise!

Arc 02 will be launching in early December, by Alex's best projection. Until then, happy holidays - Best Before Death style!

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