Best Before Death (bestbeforedeath) wrote,
Best Before Death

So, with NaNoWriMo well underway (or underfoot, I suppose, depending on your method of execution), it's time to ask the dreaded question - how fares your word count? Good? Bad? Ugly? (and can you tell, Roy's project is a bonafide western?)


For those of you in possession of an iPhone, or an iTouch, or any other denomination of i-Thing that allows you to play apps, I bring to you,


It is an adorable game with, well, crabs, and is quite the enjoyable little endeavor. Its design was also helped along by our very own Kura, and otherwise made by her Dad. :) This is an official Best Before Death Pimp-Out! And for the record? Mercedes would charge far more than the price it's going for. Get it while it's hot, ladies and gentlemen!

Tags: pimp: others, updates: random

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